5 Totally Unique 50th Birthday Presents

No person would disagree that the 50th birthday is a huge day in most someones lives. Since this day is an one-of-a-kind type of event, it justifies a totally unique 50th birthday present. Fortunately there are many different, yet unique, types of gives that you can buy for a custom and personal gift. Concentrating on the first half century of life is a common theme for a 50th party, giving the perfect chance to give one of the next 5 “This is your life” type of presents. the best 50th birthday gifts for women

Personalized Publication CoverĀ 

Chances are the birthday guest of prize has a hobby, favorite regular past time public relations dreams of fame and glory. Having a custom individualized magazine cover made up to feature the birthday ‘girl or boy’ is an excellent way to make their dreams come true. Men can be featured as the greatest football star or the most wealthy business executive while women can be put in the spotlight as the ‘Most Successful Female Businessman of the Year’ or maybe the sexy girl on the cover of a swimwear magazine. All you have to do is seek out the term “personalized magazines” on the internet and you will be presented with quite a few choices to make.

“Your Hometown” Framed Print out

Give the surprise of a trip down memory space lane. Great would it be for your beloved to be able to look at the candy shop they went to after school as a child or the high school graduation they graduated from or use the first house they occupied as an mature? There are companies that specialize in making frameworked pictures of “your” town. It might be any town that you are feeling sentimental about. This does not need to be your hometown. When you order, you will have to provide information about the town, buildings and any landmarks you want included in the print, so make certain that you know just what you want in the style.

“Birthday” Gold coins, Stamps, And Newspapers

Offering a coin, stamp or newspaper from the birthday and year is a sweet, affordable, easy to attain and personal gift idea. Archived issues of newspapers can be obtained from the newspapers company provided they are still in operation, as can magazines. You can also check out places like eBay for folks selling old newspapers, coins, stamps, and many others. Prices range widely depending on what you want and where you buy it. It may take some time looking but it will be well worth it possibly the look on your loved your face.

Family Tree Umbrella, Poster Or Book

When you have a good knowledge of the birthday person’s family, you could have a special item ordered to show their family tree. Family tree blankets are beautiful, warm and practical while posters and books can be viewed at time and time again and even handed down as family heirlooms. Again, just type in “Family Trees” online or another search engine and you are sure to find something that you like. These things can be somewhat pricey though, so be prepared to carry out some comparison-shopping for the best deal. A more affordable alternative is to get an empty family tree reserve and fill it in yourself then add some embellishments.

Autographed Collectibles

Many people have that one “special celebrity” whose autograph they might just wish to own; sports heroes, movie hollywood film stars, musicians and famous writers to name a few. By searching online and on eBay, you have a good possibility of finding that one-of-a-kind item retain by the person most admired by the birthday guy or gal. Depending on the fame of the person and the product purchased, prices can range from the rather affordable to the outrageous. You may even find a $15, 000 football motorcycle helmet signed by details of a super bowl! Once more, take your time and search around for top offer. Be sure that what you get is real though; it is well worth the extra money to get the real package.

When picking a 50th birthday present, consider the personality of the individual turning 50. Personalized gifts happen to be an improved choice than a common present and will better show how much that special 50-year-old means to you.