Balinese Massage

Descends from Bali, this rub is a combo of tissues and holistic treatment. This braces circulation, eases muscles and reduces the joint pain whilst giving a calm feeling.

Compounding acupressure and aroma oils, Balinese massage generates the circulation of blood giving o2 to the nerves. This kind of ancient massage involves various techniques which include moving, rubbing down, stroking to solace your mind and soul. Thalassotherapy services

This traditional Indonesian spa treatment is a great one to choose for if you need to have a mixture of various massage techniques to provide you with a sense of well-being. Directly related to Ayurveda, Balinese therapeutic massage provide you with a physical, mental and religious relaxation as well.

Balinese gives instant relief from knotted muscles, stiff shells and aching joints. Often the sports injuries can be well treated from this massage. The aroma in the oils make it apart from other therapeutic massage, since variety of fragrant oils are being used such as jasmine, rose or sandalwood along with cempaka, sandat, and frangipani. The rub oil is employed in room temperature and the therapeutic massage session generally lasts for an hour.

Easing away the tension and providing a proper soothe to all pains, Balinese massage is a solid massage for folks who has poor circulation or have very low levels of energy. Giving instant energy and proper pace to work with great console, this massage is ideal for folks enduring from joint or arm or leg pains. 

Prepare to indulge yourself as a Balinese massage will relax you from every direction and will leave you with an appropriate luxury sense. This massage is very therapeutic and definitely will stimulate the circulation within the body along with boosting the lymphatic system. The masseur will use deep strokes to release the tight muscles to relive tension and increase the circulation.

The different types of Balinese massage are Sasak massage, Lombok massage therapy, Urat massage, Balinese Boreh and Javanese Lulur Routine to give you the feel of a complete haven on earth.