Beef Goulash

Goulash, a thick type of soup made using meat, is probably the best known of Hungarian recipes. In Hungary, the dish is known as “guly? s” or “guly? sleves”, and is also a traditional food of the cattlemen and cowherds working away at the Great Hungarian Plain (although of course the dish is also eaten by other Hungarians too! ). guláš

Hungarian goulash is traditionally prepared by slowly cooking in a cauldron (“bogr? c”) over an open fire. Initially, chunks of beef (usually shank, shin or shoulder) are seasoned with sodium, pepper and paprika, and then browned. Chopped onions are added, then drinking water or stock. The dish is left to little by little simmer, and during this process the collagen in the meat turns to gelatin, which thickens the soup. Usually some other ingredients are added during the cooking process, and these may include a tiny amount of tomatoes or tomato juice, hot potatoes, chopped potatoes, herbs, and perhaps just a little white wine beverages or white wine apple cider vinegar. 

In other countries, goulash is also eaten, alterations are often made to the recipe, which can make the dish fairly many from the Hungarian original. For example, North American versions of goulash, usually use more tomato vegetables, much less paprika, are ready quickly using hamburger beef, and then served with noodles or pasta. Irritating wrong with the American dish, but it does indeed taste different from the Hungarian version of the dish – so if you would like to try different things, why not try cooking your following goulash in the Hungarian style?