Bubble Teas

Exceptional drinks are hard to find, but bubble tea will capture your creativity. This cold blend of tea first appeared in Taiwan in the 1980’s. After a few years, some of the near by Asian countries adopted bubble tea and soon after small Markets from the asian continent adopted it in the United Areas. Combining tea with special fruit flavorings, milk and tapioca pearls seems peculiar when most people drink tea undiluted. The uniqueness of bubbles on top brought interest for consumers but the drink was slow to catch on. pha che tra sua


You might think the small tapioca pearls, called boba, give bubble tea thier name. The name bubble tea actually makes reference to the frothy drink rather than the small pearls at the bottom level. The froth originates from shaking the ingredients along right inside the glass. Most vendors sell these drinks in cups with a sealed plastic top therefore you can shake it up yourself. 

The first time you drink this tea you might find the large straw to be awkward, but try it. The straw dished up with this drink is larger than normal to accommodate the little boba suspending out on the bottom level of your glass. The chewy texture of the tapioca surprises most first time drinkers. If you have ever been enticed to chew ice but know you shouldn’t, a bubble tea could give you that chewy experience you need.

Bubble Tea Options

Bubble tea fired up teashops and coffee retailers because it offered so much variety over and above regular teas. You may order your tea with black tea, green tea or maybe a coffee base. A few coffee shops will even customize your tea with exotic varieties and custom blends of tea. Up coming, you might enjoy adding flavorings like passion berry, coconut or lychee to your drink. The variety of flavorings are practically endless, especially in espresso and teashops that use flavorings frequently. Fruit flavorings are a personal choice and work best if each goes with the flavor of the tea.

Milk is optional in this type of tea, but most teahouses includes it in your drink. If you prefer not to use milk, however, ask for a dairy substitute.

Tapioca balls make this drink unique and in addition they can add a fun factor as well. If perhaps you want to notify your drink from a friend’s, simply ask for chewy gradation of jello like stars or cube. The boba have even tastes like mango and inexperienced tea.

With so many options, it is also possible to make your drink completely personal to you. The cool refreshing flavors can even change as your preferences change. Each order of this tea turns into a broad series of choices that you control.

The unusual blend of a drink with chewy tapioca bits can be challenging for some people. It is not often that a truly new drink comes along. Bubble tea brings fun variety to an everyday drink experience.