Cabin Tents – What Are They? When Would I Use One?

A cabin tent is simply a sizable tent that has cabin-like compartments in it, them being formed by sewn in nylon or canvas fittings and displays. They often feature multiple exit and entry details and built in house windows as well. As such, cabin tents can be an outstanding option when tenting with family and/or friends. Typically, a cabin covering will be larger and sleep from 6 -8 people. They also find the money for a great deal more comfort than a traditional pup tent because the occupants have the ability to stand straight and do not need to stoop over to walk within the covering. Because of the height, cabin camping tents often times have better ventilation than other types of camping tents. Ventilation in a camping tent is significant as it allows the interior of the tent to remain cool in warmer seasons and also if it will rain, the air blood circulation will dry the covering out faster. The chambers also provide a tiny level of privacy (although be aware that the ‘walls’ are made of nylon or fabric! ) Best canvas tents

The most frequent materials for cabin tents are synthetic and canvas. Nylon has the features of being very lightweight while still providing protection against the rainfall. However, due to thin materials, nylon tents will generally wear far more quickly than canvas tents and direct sunlight can degrade the material too. Canvas log cabin tents have good thing about being extremely hard wearing and very water proof as well. The canvas materials helps with absorbing the rain. This does have the effect of making the canvas very heavy, and on the whole canvas camping tents is much heavier than nylon ones. 

A few of the best advertising cabin tent brands are the Columbia Cougar Houses II cabin dome camping tent. The dome condition of this tent adds durability good wind resistance and further head height. Another popular style is the Coleman elite weather master 17×9 screen cabin tent. Really rated as five actors because it is straightforward to set up and even features self rolling doorways!

So, if you’re tenting for extended periods of time, with family or friends, then a vacation cabin tent might the best choice for you. Completely happy camping.