Car Dealers – Are Mobile Dealerships the Answer?

The concept car dealers may eventually be unbound from their showrooms may well not be as ridiculous as it first sounds. With many dealerships on the decline, alternative solutions to save money may be needed. Mobile phone dealerships, anyone? Felipe Araújo Boston

The internet, naturally, already presents a realistic avenue for retailers to exploit away from the traditional showroom, and most are already incorporating a strong web occurrence to allow consumers to search and indeed, purchase a vehicle online before ever entering a deal.

The purists between all of us will no doubt lament the very proven fact that a physical dealership may well not be necessary, but think about it a short while. Online shopping has decreased the requirement for physical shops. Take bookstores for example. They may have dwindled from the high streets, with only large mega-chains offering all of us the opportunity to peruse their goods. Online though, book sales remain strong. Cars, like books, are something quibblers could have us believe you need to physically touch and feel before purchasing. But can we really? 

Most products, especially lifestyle products, are now tailor-made to suit us as individuals. What better way to specifically tailor the ultimate lifestyle product – our very own car – employing exactly which features you want to upgrade? Not just what current stock is available, or to wait another month to get a vehicle in a particular colour in an expensive price. Simply choose just what you do and may want, and so be offered maximum customization and subsequently, your ideal car.

Which not to say that some human contact are never necessary. Car Sellers with out a showroom could simply be mobile: that is, it could be simply a salesperson or two, positioned say, at a sizable shopping complex. A basic model of the most popular vehicle being sold that week might be on hand for customers to get a feel for the high quality. Next, the dealer encourages the potential customer to view a laptop and peruse all the extra modifications that may be made. Personal, customer focused, direct. And little overhead costs for car dealers, too. It seems like a winner any way you examine it.