Earn Affiliate Commissions With Free Video Sharing Websites

Thinking of using free video writing websites to earn affiliate marketing commissions? Smart move.

The next article will detail several of my personal activities with this and how you can use you tube production to present affiliate products and make sales. vimeo pro promo codes

If you are using video sites here are some ideas:

Get a website name for your affiliate advertising

When you post a video to the free video showing site, such as Vimeo, you can put a domain name in the description that will be clickable if you put the prefix http:// in front of it. Should you get yourself a website name rather than using the ugly, long, affiliate WEB LINK then you are more inclined to get clicks. Also, some sites might not exactly allow you to work with affiliate backlinks but , the burkha completely satisfactory to use a domain. 

Conduct a video review

A great way to sell any type of product is show people how to use it. Demonstrate to them the advantages, the drawbacks, the small tips and secrets you’ve thought out that not everyone knows. In case you don’t have any huge secrets just showing people around and proving you’ve actually bought and know the product is a terrific way to entice probable new customers.

Create your email list

While is actually great to get affiliate marketer promotions, if you start building your own email list you will be able to market to the people who seen your video time and time again rather than just one time. To be able to build your email list you want to offer useful information about the video showing sites, information that potential customers might be looking for. A good example might be an advanced affiliate of a coffee website you might do an online video showing different types of coffee grinds and how to choose the best one for you. In that case, once the video is complete invite them backside to your website for much more interesting coffee info and tips (download a special report or whatever different would be enticing to a coffee lover).

Carry out your keyword research

Free of charge video websites are rating very well in the major search engines these days so it’s important that you take good thing about this. In order to get the most publicity for all the videos you submit then you are going to need to do thorough keyword research. I take advantage of Wordtracker’s free key phrase tool and Google Ppc Keyword Discovery tool to find hundreds of keywords on any topic or product I’m looking to promote. Once you find your idea keywords then craft a video that responds to them and answers the questions that truly people are typing in the search engines.