Essential Partner Portal Modules

Powerful channel partner programs will often have clear channel partner strategy and technology backing their every activity and the technology involved with funnel partners are called spouse portals. Partner portals are web-based applications usually using cloud technology hosted by third parties with competence on PRM or Spouse Relationship Management software. Particular modules for different purposes produce a comprehensive portal to appeal to the needs of channel partners and keep them motivated. Do you need such a site? If you want success for your business, this investment is essential. Standard quests of a reliable spouse portal include:

Partner Account Page
The very basic circumstances to have are specific pages unique to each partner that generally enumerates their company profile. Because an administrator, you will be able to view their business activities, examine their progress and foresee sales trends. Partner users are important business signals that will permit you to make informed decisions. NSDC Partner in India

Marketing Resources
Third get together software developers of web sites produce a customizable resource catalogue where channel vendors can certainly replace the themes to reflect their own business themes and logos. That is very important for channel partners to have access to ads that could permit them to generate more income when you sell more products. 

Business Plan
For every business, a plan is needed to move the business forward. Channel partner strategy plays an important role in the growth of the company hence the seller has to establish game plans that partners can agree upon. Vendors and partner must have company objectives in mind so their activities should be synched towards attaining that goal.

Field Engagement
Distributing opportunities for your route partners will be easier with a streamlined spouse portal system. Field diamond also includes collaborating with particular channels for getting focus on accounts. The purpose of this module is to track the progress of the sales activity as well as assign opportunities that will hopefully become deals for the lovers. Report generation also allows partners to pay attention to more important activities particularly, sales activities.

Business lead Management
This is certainly perhaps one of the main modules that produce tangible results especially on the sales bottom level line. Lead management allows vendors to assign brings about particular channel partners. Funnel managers will be able to see the improvement the partner is making through their updates so any lag or overlooked leads are easily acquired and re-assigned.

Deal Enrollment
The traditional problem of channel conflict is averted with deal registration. Associates submitting unique deals are protected from other spouse and the seller itself from usurpation. Duplicate discounts can be filtered hence avoiding potential competition for the same business from different partners. The system promotes harmonious and trustworthy relationship between partners and vendor.

MDF Automation
Taking care of Marketing Development Funds will be automated. Channel companions will be able to directly request MDF from the seller as needed and the status of their request can be reached.

Partner Community
A component for social interaction between partners is a good idea to foster a healthy knowledge and experience-sharing environment where as well as ideas are sold allowing for partners’ progress and development. Vendor also benefit from possessing a system where partners can post their feedbacks so sellers will have an idea on what area they can improve on.

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