GameDayRitual – Fantasy Football Online Gets Real

An individual leave the house to experience the thrill and excitement of running a football franchise – play out your sports dreams with GameDayRitual, the most challenging, most realistic and most addictive game on the Internet. In GameDayRitual, you can negotiate with GM’s, build offensive and defensive formations, build your own stadium. The ruse is so realistic that you really feel every dash on your chest and every touch upon your pores and skin. Play fantasy sports online the way it was meant to be performed. The screen is your playground, along with your fingers your body control. Get fun, and get real. Agen Bola Online

How come choose GameDayRitual?
With GDR, you are able to negotiate against fellow GMs in the progressive No cost Agency Blitz. No longer run-of-the-mill, boring, cookie-cutter drafts. Is definitely a $45 million, 3-year contract too much for an aging superstar quarterback? Not with GDR where everything is possible. Generally there are 22 different Composition and five Offensive and Defensive Schemes. Make an effort to outwit your opponent every week by using the playbook that best utilizes your players’ skills. With GDR you can build a Stadium, Trail Fan Attendance and Deal with Finances. So you build your stadium in a frozen tundra – are you able to keep fans in the stands while managing a salary cap? Geography is no problem with GDR, just give attention to winning and GDR handles the recovery. 

Who said the Dream Football can’t be creative? Use other strategies, like all-out blitzing, dime protection or a rotation of running backs to chuck your opponent off their game. One of the best things about GDR is that everything is based on Real world Players and Real Life Statistics. This is not a simulator, this can be the real thing. You have become on the hot seat as the Owner, General Manager and Head Coach of the most realistic game on the Internet. Is it possible to manage it? It is an unique, challenging experience, taking the old fantasy soccer format to sublime new levels.