How And Why to Buy Effective Domain Names For Your Business

What you should Learn

– why you require a domain name
– why the right site name is important to your business
– how to choose the most effective domain for your business
– how to choose the best different versions of your domain name (even if you already own a domain name)
– where to buy and host a site name
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Why Buy appropriate?Domains

A memorable domain name is a valuable asset for your business. It will allow individuals to find your Web site more readily, but more importantly, it ensures you as a serious company owner, not a hungry wannabe or possibly a shady figure!

I’m always dismayed to see smaller businesses trying to establish themselves online with domain names that naturally came with a free hosting account. They have URL’s like geocities. com/seattletowing or members. shaw. ca/giftbaskets. URL’s like these immediately mark these businesses as “struggling, not likely to survive. ”

If it is you, please go and get a good domain name instantly! People like to do business with companies they believe are successful. And on the Web, you will consider successful quite easily. That’s how almost all of us started online. All of us looked successful well before we became successful, and no-one was any the better.

Probably the cheapest thing you will buy for your business is their domain name! Please do not try to save $5. 99 USD a year by using the URL provided by a free hosting account.

IMPORTANT: People think they can’t use their own domain name if they’re using free hosting space prove local INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER. This is not true! A domain name can be parked with the registrar and pointed at any other URL on the Internet.

Tip: Urls are purchased from website name “registrars. ” Later on this page I am going to tell you which registrars sell inexpensive domain labels.

What’s in a Term?

“What’s in a name? What we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet. ” – Bill Shakespeare

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple when it comes to domain labels. If you could choose any old domain name and have your Internet site “smell as fairly sweet, ” there wouldn’t be people buying and providing domain names for countless numbers of dollars!

So, how do you pick the best site name?

Let’s pretend our business is called Cruz & Sons Towing Organization and we’re positioned in Dallaz, Washington, USA.

1. Often purchase your full company/business name, when you can. The “&” signal can not be used in site names. We need to buy a new tooth brush with “and, ” so we’ll buy smithandsonstowingcompany. junto de.

2. Then buy the nickname or short version you usually go by. In our case, smithandsonstowing. com. If we can get smithandsons. com, we will buy that, too, but it’s not likely we’ll find that still available.

Tip: Buy whatever versions of your company name that you can find as a. junto de. Don’t worry about some other extensions like. total or. org. If you can’t find your business name as a. junto de, then look for your country extension. Example: smithandsonstowing. ca, smithandsonstowing. co. uk.

If you are a charity, you can also purchase the. org version. A high level00 telecoms company, you can also buy the. net version. Forget some other extension cables like. biz,. info, and so on.

If you can JUST get the. org or. net versions of your company name, buy them, but be aware that this is not the best choice. Everyone types. com at the ending of a domain name automatically. In our theoretical case, customers may finish up at an useless finish or on someone else’s Web site if they type in smithandsonstowing. COM and purchased smithandsonstowing. NET!

3. Buy keyword-rich domain names. Furthermore to buying our company name, we should help people find our Internet site when they don’t know our business by name. Great option is to buy some keyword-rich domain names like seattletowingcompany. com and seattle-towing-company. com. If we buy both versions we can keep competition from buying a similar domain to ours. Also, search engines like google will read the version with hyphens as separate words, which supports drive traffic to our Internet site.

Although first, to find the best keyword-rich website names we need to know very well what people are applying to search for companies like ours. A free tool to use to discover this information is WordTracker. com.

When we do a search on “towing, ” we get too many generic words and too many other cities. When we do a search on “seattle towing, ” we come across that the top number of searches are in reality for “towing seattle. ” If we can scoop the domain name names towingseattle. com and towing-seattle. com, we’ve done our business a great service. If we cannot, we’ll try to keep the same word order, but obtain a longer site name, like a1-towing-seattle. por or aaa-towing-seattle. com.

4. Buy domain names that come nearby the beginning of the alphabet. Why would we choose “A1” or “AAA, ” as opposed to “fast, ” “best, ” “cheap, ” etc. as the first word in our keyword-rich website name? Because, if we have the choice, we have to try to get a domain name that falls as near to the beginning of the abece as possible. A1 and AAA both mean “best, ” nonetheless they put take a look at the top of any towing directory online, although, “best” does not.

Be aware: Numbers come before all letters within an logogrammatic directory listing. So 123towingcompany. com will be outlined before aaatowingcompany. com.

Hint: If your domain name doesn’t start with a “A” or with a number, buy one which will. Then use that site name as your business name for online sites you advertise in. This kind of will set you at the top of the list alphabetically.

5. Choose the plural or singular of words in your domain that folks are likely to type incorrectly. So, if your company name is Experience Cruise Company and your short domain name is adventureCRUISE. com, also buy adventureCRUISES. com!