How to Choose a Cheap Web Designer – Top 7 Questions to Ask

Choosing on a web custom made can be like choosing a tradesman. Who will you trust? Which ones are genuine and which ones will make you being out of pocket? We have compiled a place of questions that we feel you should always ask before commissioning a website. It shouldn’t subject whether you’re going for an expensive site that is all singing and dancing or a simple site – you should still expect and get a great service.  Izrada web stranica

Therefore here are the top questions that we think you should ask your web designer or check on their website. Make sure you don’t be placed off! There are thousands of honest, fantastic companies away there who want nothing at all more than to make their customers happy. Even so,? nternet site search on Google, some companies usually are perhaps quite the genuine appear…

1. Do the instances of their work click right through to a website?

We have noticed that on some web designer’s sites, examples of work are displayed, but it is not possible to click through and actually see the site they are claiming to obtain created. My spouse and i cannot think of any reason for this, besides:

a) They haven’t actually created the site – they may have simply taken a screen shot of any website and added it for their “portfolio”.

b) They have came up up with the site, but it isn’t very good and so no longer want you to see it.

c) They may have created a site with a wonderful looking home page, so that they can add the screenshot to their “portfolio”, nevertheless they aren’t show the remaining site, as it doesn’t are present!

If you can click through to the site, I recommend the initial thing you do is scroll down to the bottom of the page. Most site designers stipulate in their conditions and conditions that the web page will have a “Created by… ” link at the end of the customer’s website. This is the tradition in the industry. If perhaps then, you scroll into the bottom and you don’t see this, My spouse and i would be suspicious that the company who promises to have designed the site, possibly haven’t.

Likewise, if you can click through to examples sites, check that they are genuine! I have seen “portfolio examples” that are plainly fabricated. Perhaps the phone number of the web designer’s “customer” is 01234 5678910, and also the domain name is a sub domain name, rather than a real website name. Be vigilant – it will probably be worth it!

2. Do they give testimonials that can be verified?

Much like tradesmen, often the best way to gauge a web designer is on testimonials from previous clients. I care about the effort I do and We want to ensure that my customers are satisfied. On completing their site, all my customers are sent a short set of questions about the quality of my work, service, price etc and I was proud to display these in the site. The web designer should be happy so that you can contact prior clients, as this is truly the only way that the testimonials can be verified.