Information Security Audit: What Can It Do for Your Business?

Any kind of business that has completed an information security exam will be glad in the permanent that it has taken the trouble to do this. A security review is essential when taking stock of current data holdings and the present state of security applying to them. Sometimes referred to as a “security health check”, this process aims not just in catalogue all the relevant assets, but also to determine the risks to these property, and the business outcomes of any compromise. information security news

The information assets owned by a business represent highly valuable intellectual property, and so they need to be carefully protected. This is accurate even if the data in question would not form part of the stock in trade: for example, the company telephone index could be very beneficial to a determined professional criminal or hacker. Therefore the question arises: what is an info security audit and what can it offer to the organization owner?

To commence with, the security review involves cataloguing all information assets, and examining the risks associated with each one. The hazards are not only technological in nature, but also involve an estimate of the effect on the business if the property were to be affected. This impact could be framed in conditions of low income, interrupted business operations, compromised staff and customer safety, research work leaked to a rival and hence wasted, or any number of final results which are not directly technical in form.

The next stage is a “gap analysis”, in which the information security exam compares the latest security position of each asset with the desired status. This kind of comparison will form the foundation future efforts to set set up an information security management system. The safety health check is informed by the chosen yardstick, including the international standard ISO 27001.

The information security audit may be an internal or a review. If internal, it is carried out by an organisation’s own personnel, and is an useful first stage in the process. If the review is external, then it is completed by self-employed consultants with specialist competence. This situation often can be applied where a business is undergoing the process of documentation against a global standard. An external security review has the good thing about being seen to be impartial of the business, and hence the result is more credible to lovers, clients and the basic public.

An information security audit requires specialist skills seldom found in businesses beyond the most significant firms. Hence a business person may choose to hire a specialist consulting firm to bring out the security health check. This means that the security audit will be carried out with maximum expertise in the minimum amount of time. The result can be of very great advantage for any business that has information assets to protect — which is to say, all businesses.