Interpreting Prophetic Dreams – Find Out Why You Should Never Use a Dream Dictionary

What exactly Dream Dictionary? A Desire Dictionary is a collection of several “symbols” that folks often place their trust in to analyze their dreams for them. For what reason shouldn’t you utilize it? Since it is Bogus and unwise that you can do so. dreams

The main element to knowing how or when the situations of a prophetic fantasy are going to in person affect you are found simply looking at the dream from a third person’s point of view. It isn’t found by making online or to your closest book store to find a Desire Dictionary. 

To arrive at the most accurate so this means of your dreams, you need to ask your particular set of questions.

What were you doing in the dream?
Had been you simply a bystander?
Did the key events of the dream directly require you OR did it come about due to something you did in the Dream?

These are all some of the pertinent questions that if answered appropriately will help bring you closer to the real meaning of your dreams.

So what is the lesson here?

The lesson is not hard:

It is important you understand that in the land of Prophecies, any object or thing that you’re individually or even vaguely familiar with can be applied allegorically to pass on a particular message to you. Your responsibility, when you receive such symbolical specific dreams, is to AVOID the temptation to go seeking after Dream Dictionaries for guidance. They will not help you.

As you receive divine prophecies for the future, there is no man made lexicon that can guide you to interpret it. I actually can’t stress this enough. To stubbornly believe there is a Dream Dictionary that can decode your dreams is to assume the angelic being in charge of offering you that dream to start with conforms to the guidelines of man. This way of thinking is not only false, but also Blasphemous.

What you need to do from this level on is to get started familiarizing yourself with your Dreams. This way you’ll be able to comprehend the language of the guardian spirit (yes, they do exist) that is communicating with you.

I’m emphasizing this because, a time from the future is coming when you will Need to make reference to your dreams in order to “safely” stand forward is obviously. When The almighty said in the biblical book of Acts 2: 17-18 that he’ll serve out his spirit on mankind in the previous days, why do you think he’s going to achieve that? To teach you how to bake cookies?

Mankind alone are unable to protect himself from the evils of the future… until mankind can find a way to know of it in advance. As the weather is we as humans can forecast, we desperately need our dreams to forecast those of which no other man-made technology can.

Despite the advancements science/technology has made up until now, there remains one part of life that mankind will not have control over that is certainly the future. The sooner the harsh reality of this dawns on you, the better off you’ll be.