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The geeks of Japan, but more extreme. Much more extreme. I often trick to my wife that I’m otaku because I am just, well, a major geek but she says which i may even come near their definition of it. Western people are renowned for his or her ability to (quote the very last Samurai) “devote themselves to the perfection of whatever they pursue” and if you pursue animi, tromba and jail-bait dressed in a maid’s outfit then you’re likely to be an otaku. definedictionarymeaning.com

Otaku gone extreme, hikikomori are geeks who have become so obsessed they have withdrawn completely from culture and never leave their homes, apparently even some having never left it in decades. It’s my ultimate ambition to turn into a MMO hikikomori.

The over due of Japan, yanki’s are precisely what their name implies — a Japanese person dressed to appear to be the Fonz, usually with light brown dyed hair. That they often wear tight dark-colored jeans and a ’60s leather jacket and are famous for their running ‘Rs’. Gotta see it to believe it.

If you like to dress up as your selected manga character and hold off subway stations on a regular occurrence then you aren’t probably into what’s known as cosplay. Fun adoring and imaginative, cosplayers are also known for handing out free hugs.

A salaryman is basically every and any man who earns a salary, usually by working long several hours in an office. And I’m not kidding about the long hours part. 12 — 13 hour days are generally expected without question as a drinking binge after work with your boss. Nothing at all amuses me quite like seeing a group of drunk business men shocking around Akasaka at 11pm at night trying to find the subway home.

Office Girl
Always cut simply to OL, office women are the equivalent to salarymen, except without the hard part (they are usually allowed to end work around 7pm) and the excessive drinking. Apart being incredibly homogeneous and xenophobic, Japan is also very chauvinistic and OLs are usually assigned to pink collar jobs. Fashion are changing now though and women are starting to get accepted as “salarymen” if they so desire.