Merits of the Elliott Wave Theory in Technical Analysis

This kind of is merely one man’s view to the on-line exploration of the Elliott Wave theory by Mr. Stephen John. I hope to make interest and comments from other seasoned market investors, whose experience and perception are probably more valuable than any one of the technical analysis techniques that traders use. elliott wave theory

My personal comments follow:

If one uses the Elliott Trend theory in conjunction with other technical analytical methods and does not blindly follow any one to the T, one could in fact arm your self with the arsenal of knowledge and his/her deductive mind (actually, this can be an important requirement) to earn a living in the market. After all, many of the investors out there have made money, and they may do that by going the dice. In the end, why are big names like Bill Gates and Jordan Dell (among so many) become so rich? They will in fact have made more money in stock and options trading than from the companies they own. 

The Elliott trend theory has relationship to your psyche, and so the more we understand mindset of the masses, the more the cyclical happening becomes predictable.

Stephen John is right by expressing there is no total crystal ball reading of the exact timing. Yet then, at the point of exit, the moment really will depend on the trader himself or herself. Presently there is a decision to be made solely depending on investor’s need at that moment. So far as the admittance point is concerned, certainly, we should always trust probability, which is reports. The typical science of bioinformatics is basically it. The biomedical world is so complicated (e. g., proteins structural analysis, polymer conformational analysis, to mention a few) and the precise structures (mind you, not simply the series of proteins that associated up to create them, but the structural likelihood of conformation and isomerism) of many high molecular weight proteins may well not be 100% precisely known, with our current stage of scientific advancement. Hence, the significance of statistical research as to increase the likelihood of the exact framework and conformation known.

The objectivity here is the striving toward up and up accuracy in the human strategies of analysis. Simply because long as we do not start with the expectation of your 100% predictive theory, make sure we trade the market with discipline and stay impartial, it does not subject we predict the time wrong, so long there exists already an exit or repair strategy. There basically much difference from jogging a business or making choices in every area of your life in basic. There is got to be considered a strategy, a plan and the tactical self-control to go with them.