New Computer Takes Advantage of TV Software From Windows Vista

1 of the main guarantees that Microsoft and tons of computer manufacturings have been making for years is to realise a PC type device that can integrate the home entertainment system with the home computer system. Now there’s good chance that the promise has finally reached fruition with the introduction of the Dell XPS 410 with ATI TV Wonder Digital Wire Tuner. There have recently been a lot of computer systems which may have served as an attempt to combine the home entertainment system with the home computer dating back to the early nineteen nineties, but almost all of them have failed to catch on in different really big way. There are a variety of common explanations with this, but the barriers have really all come down to the truth that folks generally think of the computer as being a tool so you can get work done that has its place in the home office even though the TV and stereo systems are for relaxation and still have their places in the living room. This has been reinforced over time by the fact that pcs tend to be far more complicated and difficult to set up and use than home entertainment equipment. 70-410 dumps

Quite a lot has changed over the previous decade and a 1 / 2 though. While home pcs have become increasingly easy to use and computer games and the net have made the home computer mare like a medium for excitement, computer equipment has recently been sneaking its way into the home theatre center. This kind of can be seen in the very fact that so much TV is transmitted over digital signals and when you get as a result of it, Digital Video Recorders are just computers in diguise. Inline image 1

Right now though, the Dell XPS 410 with ATI TELEVISION SET Wonder Digital Cable Tuner presents an authentic and well designed system which may just be what combines the house entertainment system with the property computer system for a wide variety of Americans. That’s because the Dell XPS 410 is the first mainstream computer system with a digital tuner built into it. The inclusion of a digital tuner means that the Dell XPS 410 is a digital video recorders, a job that it is large hard drive and software based around the new Windows Vista functioning system from Microsoft, not only make possible, but also make easy to use. To help make the XPS 410 even better, it also has the ability to screen and record High Explanation TV content!

The Dell XPS 410 doesn’t just stop with its capacity to display and track record standard definition TV and HDTV from a digital cable feed. This system is also equipped with a Blu-ray drive that makes it possible to watch movies in Superior Definition Television format off of discs the same size as a typical DVD or a small disc. This blend of a Blu-ray player and a DVR is a major step forward. (No expression yet how well the Blu-ray drive plays with Microsoft software considering the fact that Microsoft facilitates the rival HD-DVD high def disc format. )

While we’re currently taking a look at a prototype of this system, it appears to be going in exactly the right way.