Online Availability of Song Lyrics

At any time endured an argument with a friend about the lyrics to a tune? If you’re like many customers, the argument was settled by looking up the lyrics on the search engines.

But was it settled? Looking for words of the tune online opens up any minefield!

First there is the legality of the lyric database sites. Music lyrics are copyrighted content, and by the stringent letter of the regulation, unauthorised reproduction, unless considered “fair use”, is not permitted. But you may be wondering what is fair use?

Is reasonable use the cataloging and searching of an designers entire repertoire of tune lyrics? It’s a gray area. On the one hand it is clear copyright is being broken, on the other side, is it not also violated when you voice a lengthy with your preferred song as it performs on the radio? Copyright laws violations aren’t so dark-colored and white. 

Second, there is the accuracy of the lyrics to these songs. Often it’s possible to locate multiple transcriptions of the lyrics to the same song online, that render certain key phrases completely differently and change this is of the songs.

Third, if you might have ever searched for song through Google, you’ll have without doubt noticed almost all of the popular words sites are inundated with advertisings and popups. Many pages take a very long time to kick off because of all the ads! Its annoying to say the least.

Nevertheless research, there are a few alternate sites around that don’t inundate the person with ads, have more accurate transcriptions, and avoid the legality issue by hosting beyond the UNITED STATES. Turns out its only in the US that it is against the law to host a site that contain song lyrics, and, for that matter, illegitimate to sing a long with your favourite song in certain public places. Not that stops either webmasters or everyday people from doing either.