Rush Hour 3 – Comedy Movie Review – 4 Out of 5 Stars

Funny movie go’ers delight…

Became back from watching Dash Hour 3 at even now,. Who said sequels may not be as good as the first? Inside my simple view Rush Hour 3 easily ties the first Rush Hour the singular advantage being the first had the factor of surprise. yesmovies

The writer’s performed a nice job braiding the plot to the original movie. The storyline is sensitive but goes nicely. The stunts were fast moving, fantastic and mostly believable. Those hateful pounds gone over the edge but nothing like MI3 or the Die Hard series, which to me were still good movies several reasons. Sometimes you just want to veg at a movie and not have to think about anything. 

Back to Dash Hour 3, get ready to laugh, laugh, chuckle. Chris Tucker carries the whole movie and will a great job at it! Kudo’s to you Chris, exactly what an university great return. He’s place on a few pounds but can still move about the picture agilely. This is no Academy Best rated performance like Eddie Murphy should have received for his astounding Dream Girls performance but Chris Tucker really shows his versatile skills.

Jackie Chan does a realistic alternative as well. He helps you to balance out Tucker’s crazy and crazy antics and keeps them from bridging the queue (like much of Martin Lawerences’ work) from funny in order to plain stupid. Really exactly about timing and balance. The Chan and Tucker team definitely have both in this hilarious follow up.

The asian cast got quite a few experienced actors. Hiroyuki Sanada in the Last Samurai and Youki Kudoh from Memoirs of your Geisha.

The enormous international success of the Dash Hour series started out in 1998 with Rush Hour and then the follow up Rush Hour 2 was launched in 2001. Matching to Box Office Mojo, combined these two videos have grossed over $350 million dollars domestically.