Safely Removing Your Stuck Contact Lenses

Getting a contacts lens plunger can be useful if you happen to wear hard contact lenses and they get stuck and you need assistance removing them. One contact lens plunger that is effective is the DMV original plunger for hard contacts. This will help you remove hard contact lenses quickly. To use it, just moisten the plunger’s glass and carefully place in on top of the contact lens to remove it. The suction glass will attach itself to the hard lens so that you will be able to remove it from your eye properly and easily. how to remove stuck lens filter

In most cases, a stuck zoom lens is generally difficult to remove should you be unable to grip it with your fingers which will only get more difficult to do otherwise you eyes start tearing up. Also, keep in mind that making an attempt to remove the contact lens with your fingers when it is stuck can cause damage to either your eye, the zoom lens, or both. Using a lens plunger will be a valuable resource for you if you run into this challenge. 

However, the lens plunger is merely for use with hard disposable lenses, it will not work with soft contacts.

Gentle contact lenses are much easier to remove due to their malleability and you will usually remove them by employing your fingertips without harming your attention or doing any harm to the lens itself. Nevertheless , it can be necessary to use your other hand to pull and hold your eyelid away from your eye to prevent your lid from closing as your eye becomes more irritated.

The very best approach to contact lens removal is to be sure your eyes are lubricated to make the removal process easier. Usually a trapped lens occurs after the lenses have been worn for a prolonged time frame and the eyes have dried up out as an effect. By having drops to your eyes you can convenience your discomfort and be able to manage the situation better.

One thing that can make things worse is if you are worried about the lens going lurking behind your eye. You’ll prevent injury to yourself and damaging your eyes if you remain calm.

You don’t have to be anxious about the lens winding up behind your eye, as it can’t happen.

If you are experiencing a great deal of discomfort and have difficulty removing the contact lens, try adding eye drops to your eyes until you are with a professional which can help you. Even if you have to hold back until the next day and have to keep the contact lens in overnight, don’t be anxious, your eyes will be okay. If you wish to keep your lens from becoming dry remember to keep them well lubricated.