The Best Apps for Your Job Search

While using smartphone revolution in full swing, it is worthy of considering the best applications (apps) that you can use when job looking. These days, people have a fraction of the time to spare and want to use their mobile phones, tablets and other devices on the road to do the things that they usually would not have time to do. One of these is search for and apply for careers. apps like swagbucks

With that in brain, we have reviewed 5 of the most broadly used job search software. 

1. BeKnown

BeKnown is the professional networking software from Jobs Board large Monster and is on iPhone, Android, iPad and BlackBerry. It gives the user to be able to hook up with other and update your status (much like LinkedIn). The drawback for this software is that it only allows you to seek out jobs that are posted to Monster.

2. Findajob. for example

This is a free software for the Irish jobs board Findajob. ie. On it, you can shortlist your most liked jobs, view job locations on a map and receive job alerts for your desired criteria. The Findajob. ie software is especially useful because it is Irish however it happens to be only available on the iPhone.

3. F? s Jobseeker Application

This is an android os software for Ireland’s Domestic Employment agency F? h. This can be a simple job search iphone app which will allow you to search by keyword and county/location. You may then share the job by email, Facebook or Myspace. It works with Google android phones and tablets.

4. LinkedIn

While technically infinit? like a social network iphone app when compared to a job search app, because LinkedIn is the world’s biggest online network of execs, it should be noted that job searching is also a feature of it can app. So not only can you make cable connections, browse profiles and upgrade your status you can also search for careers that are posted on LinkedIn’s jobs pages and save your searches.

5. Real Time Jobs

The Real Time Jobs iphone app is linked to searching for and applying for careers on social media large Twitter. The software permits you to view a job posted on Tweets and apply for it you can attach an online CV, a public media profile (e. g. your LinkedIn profile) and even a video CV. This iphone app is currently only available on iPhone.

It is crucial to note that while these programs are useful for job searching and making use of when you are on the move or brief of time, they should not be used as a complete alternative to traditional job search methods such as online careers boards, newspapers and marketing with industry. There is no doubt that as technology advances and even more and more job search programs become available, they will become more and even more powerfulk in the way the modern world jobseeker looks for work.