The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and Possible Treatments

Negative erectile function is a sexual condition that influences millions of men all over the world. The actual factors that cause it will help you and your doctor to determine the right treatment. See These Helpful Tips

A brief information of poor erectile function
Sometimes known as erectile dysfunction, poor erectile function is characterised by the general, complete or inconsistent lack of ability to obtain or retain an erection that is sufficient for the purpose of intercourse. It can have a devastating effect on your sex life and even destroy an usually fulfilling relationship. This condition can cause psychological conditions such as stress, despression symptoms, frustration, anxiety, loss of self-esteem, etc. Feelings of guilt, rejection and angriness associated with impotence may break the relationship. Males suffering from poor intimate performance find it hard to have an important intimate relationships. Most cases of poor erectile function are caused by a combo of physical and psychological factors. Read on to know more about its triggers and how they can be treated. 

The system of hard-on
The average penis involves three specific chambers that are linked by an intricate network of blood vessels over the length of the penis. An erection is initiated when these boats are filled with blood vessels. This engorges the pennis chambers and makes the penis increase in size and length. The accurate to the penile compartments occurs when the bloodstream vessels that lead to it fill up with blood and the veins that drain blood away from it constrict in size. Sexual arousal is accompanied by the transmitting of impulses from the nerves to the male organs. The nerves leading to the penis release nitrogen oxide-the substance in order to in stimulating the action of the bloodstream vessels.

Physical causes of erection problems
Poor erection function can occur scheduled to physiological factors such as nervous system disorders that disrupt the tranny of impulses to the genitals; interference with male organ blood flow; as well as anatomical disorders in the genitals or the penis. Other specific physical causes of poor sex performance include

damage or injury to the penile, spinal cord nerves or the brain
medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes as well as liver or kidney disease
congenital incohérence of the penis or the male organs
Peyronie’s disease
side effects of certain medications
lack of zinc
drug or irresponsible drinking
Psychological causes of hard-on problems
Psychological factors can disrupt the erectile process by interfering with the stimuli that would normally make you sexually turned on. These factors usually have an effect on men under age 60 and include

performance stress
conflict in the romance
lack or absence of sexual desire
recent bereavement
job stress
sexual apathy
Causative treatment for poor erectile function
In case the specific physiological or psychological factor accountable for this condition has been identified, it can be resolved with the appropriate treatment. In the event the poor erectile function has recently been linked to atherosclerosis or heart disease, you can incorporate healthy lifestyle changes and take appropriate medications that are recommended by your doctor. Congenital pennis deformities can be cared for with the aid of special mechanical devices.

Possible functional treatment
That might not be possible to treat lots of the factors that cause poor erectile function. In such cases, medicinal drugs and natural supplements that will help to treat the symptoms of this disorder but only produce momentary results. Erection oils and water penile implants are a couple of the other available options for treating poor sexual performance.