The LinkedIn Profile Guide for Newcomers in a Job Search

In recent times, LinkedIn has reached critical mass and gone general public. It has been placed as the tenth most popular website in the world and as high as tenth most popular website here in the US for years now. LinkedIn has also become the #1 most popular professional networking website, the #1 resume database/candidate repository for recruiters/employers and it is incredibly popular with entrepreneurs, marketing, advertising and sales professionals as a leads generation resource. Finally, LinkedIn is definitely the most popular website for job sportsman as well. The reason is , most professionals know that professional networking is the most efficient way to find new employment and progress as a professional. see more

Certainly, it holds true a tiny community are frustrated with LinkedIn and complain online. Nevertheless, these people are only wrong or they simply may realize that the next truths apply at LinkedIn information just like everywhere more: 

The Law of Resource and Demand – Should your profession/industry is a high growth/high demand one you can do well. Conversely, if you are in a declining/consolidating/cyclical field, be reasonable about your likelihood of being hired or go on to a growth industry.
Garbage in garbage out – You must have a top 5% LinkedIn profile here to distinguish yourself from the masses, ditto for your actual r? amount? and cover letters. Universal content is weak and useless, so avoid the typed work history strategy and think of this as a marketing and sales document to be published online.
Perception is reality – Hiring executives are paid to decide prospects and choose only the best, therefore if your profile and image is not professional, it will hurt you more than help you.
By the inch it’s a piece of cake, by the yard really hard – Most individuals are blissfully unaware that a proper LinkedIn account averages 8-10 pages when printed. Which is a lot of writing, editing and proofreading. If you are more skillful, it could be 10-14 pages when printed.
Awareness matters – The greater your network is the more visibility you will have on LinkedIn. This kind of is a fact, so forget about only linking with individuals that you already know, that is terrible advice if you are or will take a job search.
Search Engine Pagerank is a huge help, thus keywords and SEO Strategy are incredibly helpful.
You generally pay for what you get – LinkedIn is not really 100% free, anytime you are in a job search, are definitely trying to advance your career, need to create new business or need to recruit top ability you should have a paid membership. The paid memberships remain very affordable.
Employers still have nevertheless preferences – Local prospects are ideal, hiring someone known/recommended is always the goal, industry-specific experience is essential in most cases and passive individuals are generally chosen over unemployed prospects with a 10: 1 perimeter.
Potential employers, HR Administrators and Recruiters are incredibly occupied people – Cater to them by having an outstanding summary that forces these to continue reading further.
Hiring Committees Make Info Driven Decisions – Notify the truth. Resumes and LinkedIn profiles require nonfiction writing. Hype, exaggeration and storytelling repel employers. That they should be reserved for fiction writers and enjoyable.
Hard Work is essential – You will need some time to make, grow and maintain your network, develop great LI profile content and participate in helpful LinkedIn groups that are aligned with your profession goals.