The Piano Keyboard and the Open Position Chord

Were you aware that the piano keyboard is not used to the fullest potential? And that thousands of beginning keyboard students start out by playing a three-note triad that is as out of date as the dinosaur?

Is actually true. The piano key pad is huge! Over eighty keys big. Why not come up with a chord structure that uses more keys? Why not indeed! amp repair near me

There is a chord structure called the Open Position chord that uses more than 2 octaves of the computer keyboard. Both hands are into play here to make a modern sounding 7th chord that is employed frequently in pop, jazz, and modern age music.

Is actually not a fairly easy chord composition to learn right away, BUT once learned, it allows you to appear like an expert pianist right away! Why? Due to way the chord is organised. It’s easy to appear modern when the audio coming from the blend is. It’s really a no-brainer and it’s really a waste that most piano educators either never make use of it or have never heard of it.

I first came up across it in a book titled “The Four-Way Keyboard System” by Joe Swain, a noted blues pianist. As soon as I played this blend, That i knew I had found something special. With it, I could create modern sounds immediately. And i also could make use of it to improvise my own music – something I’ve always wanted to do.

When I learned how to play this special blend structure, I learned how to move it up and over the piano computer keyboard thus understanding how to use all 88 keys. It was thrilling to be able to try this. Why not use the piano key pad to its fullest probable. Learn how to play the Open Position keyboard chord!