The Tipping Point is Coming – Are You Prepared For Lease Purchase?

“I understand that qualified customers are getting to be scarcer by the day. More and more houses I list are sitting vacant on the market even though the owner takes the mortgage every month. Do I just explain to wait for the market to go back or is there something I could do? ” (Charlotte Realtor)

“In sociology, a tipping point or angle of relaxation is the event of any previously rare phenomenon becoming rapidly and drastically more prevalent. The phrase was gave in its sociological use by Morton Grodzins, by analogy with the truth in physics that adding a tiny amount of weight to a well-balanced thing can cause it to suddenly and completely bump. ” (Wikipedia definition of “tipping point”) The Tipping Point

“The Moments They Are A-Changin”

The tipping point is an interesting phenomenon. Malcolm Gladwell wrote a New You are able to Times bestseller on the subject, bringing up quite a few examples to illustrate it. In a business program, it basically says that a product’s life circuit (from conception to death) does not develop a steady, predictable pattern; somewhat, it starts like a flat line of a few buyers that expands slowly to some point, then spikes suddenly up (explosive growth! ). This kind of “certain point” is known as the tipping point. In case you charted any successful product’s sales growth on a file, you wouldn’t draw an aligned line going up, but rather a series that looks like a hockey stick. All companies want to enjoy the rapid sales (cha-ching! ) that result on the blade of that keep. 

I remember while i performed in telecommunications in the early 2000’s, almost every sales meeting touched on motivating us to sell a certain service. “It’s great”, “Clients just need to see the value in it”, “It’s all the rage in Europe”, and “Did I ignore to mention how pointless you are? ” were the usual exhortations we were put through. We just couldn’t that. “It’s trash! “, “Why would clients waste their cash on something they’re not heading to use? “, “They can just pick up their phone if they want to communicate with someone! “, and “Let’s help you sell it! ” were our answers for our low sales numbers for this service. And what was the service we couldn’t sell? In hindsight, I can LOL. It’s probably something you use every day- text messaging.

It’s nothing like text messaging didn’t have business applications that we could reasonably sell our customers on using. Clinics could send texts to their ambulance driver’s cell phone phones with addresses to attend without the fear of no or poor cell phone coverage affecting the response time. In the event you needed to get an important meaning to your boss while he was in a gathering, the text would get it done simply and discreetly. During 9/11, the cell towers were overwhelmed and cellular phone calls were futile, but text messages still got through (for the few customers who actually bought this service from us! ).

On the other hand, as the text messages user base continued to slowly trickle in and grow (as we begged and pleaded each of our clients to work with the service), something happened. Everyone started to ask for texting to be added to their orders (Asking us? Are these claims a joke? Did our sales manager put you up for this? ) This kind of $10 monthly add-on service started to become real cash as hundreds of hundreds of users added it to their plans each month. This text messages earnings lasted for years and still provides huge returns for my old company (and the cellular industry in general! ). The tipping point was achieved and the productivity in this growth was beautiful for many who were able to take part in it.