Things to Do on a Yunnan Tour

Certainly one of China’s major provinces, Yunnan is also one of China’s most visited. The reason for this is many-fold. Yunnan has a wonderful climate, amazing natural landscapes, fantastic ancient neighborhoods, and approximately one third of China’s ethnic community groups. These are simply a few of the reasons visitors to Yunnan often end up coming back.

The first stop for most yunnan tours is impossible to avoid Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Region. Kunming is a modern day city, known for its wonderful food, ethnic minority groupings, and local natural magic. The Stone Forest is a must-see destination for people to Kunming. The limestone rocks have after thousands of many years of wind and weather have been created into many bizarre designs. There is a local saying that says, “A trip to Kunming is wasted with no visit to the Stone Forest. very well Within the city, are numerous sites that must be visited; the Yunnan Provincial Museum, the Rose and Bird Market, the Black Dragon Pool, and the Golden Temple. zanzibar city tour

Dali Ancient City is a never-missed destination over a yunnan tour. Located 13 kms away from Dali Town, is Dali Ancient Metropolis. Most of the city’s buildings were built during the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties and have remained relatively unblemished. Located on an agricultural plateau nestled between the Cangshan Mountains and Erhai Lake, the ancient city has been attracting site visitors for centuries. The buildings of Dali Ancient Town is built in the regular Bai ethnic minority style and gives the location a very distinct feel. Located 1 kilometer northwest of Dali Ancient City are three ancient pagodas. The three Tang Dynasty (618-907) pagodas were built building a symmetrical triangle, which is unique in Chinese suppliers. These three beautiful pagodas can be seen from many elements of Dali Aged Town and really should not be missed by visitors to Dali Old town. 

Yunnan has two ancient cities which make it unique. The Lijiang Old Town has recently been famous with visitors for many years. The historic city is filled with ethnic minority culture, and art. Covering an area of over 8 block kilometers, Lijiang Old Area is backed by the Lion, Elephant, and Gold row mountains. What makes Lijiang so interesting are the architecture styles of the buildings. They may be a blend of several different cultural minority groups. This is a special aspect of the city. The homes are located together on narrow lanes and are amazingly photogenic. Visitors walking through the ancient city of Lijiang will certainly hear Naxi Ancient music. Known as a living fossil of Chinese music, the Naxi ethnic group’s traditional music is a blending of Taoist and Confucian ceremonies. Their activities are colorful and wonderful. The key water source for the location is the Black Monster Pool, which also should not be missed. The old town has almost 350 ancient bridges and is dotted with old willow trees. The old city rarely does not capture not only visitor’s imaginations, but also their hearts.

Yunnan has many destinations, too numerous to mention, that makes visitors keep coming back. It is just a region unique in China for its ethnic minority culture, and ancient cities. It is just a truly inspiring place which was drawing visitors for decades.