Using Free Blog Themes to Spice Up Your Blog Design

That was once that if you wanted a professional looking site could onlu pay big bucks to get a designer to do it. These days and nights all you need to do is an easy WordPress installation and you’re well on your way to a site that appears like it took hundreds of dollars to develop. Getting free themes is the speediest way to provide your blog the makeover it deserves. Montana

You might be wondering why people would give away themes at no cost in the first place. The main reason is because they generally include a link to their wewho mount their blogging theme. You can gain from this because the link is barely noticeable, and you find the design for free!

There are many different free blog themes away there so it can be hard to determine what kind to go with. The first thing you must do is a search in Google for “your market WP theme”. If there is a theme away there that is a match you’ll likely stumble upon it that way.

In the event that you’re very stuck and just can’t find a better theme you can search through the repository they have at WordPress. org. That site permits you to sort by color, style, and many other conditions as well.

Hopefully you will have found a great theme that you can put to use straight away. If perhaps you can’t seem to be to realize that one perfect one — don’t get too hung up! It is extremely easy to change theme as time goes on. All you need to do is publish theme folder that you download on the internet to the wp-content area under designs. Then, you’ll activate theme in your wp-admin area, and you’re done building!

While you can easily choose any theme you want, there are some things you should retain in mind when choosing your theme. The first is to make certain your background is white. Presently there are successful sites away there that contain a dark background, but studies have shown that folks can see darker colors on top of white better than they can the other way around. Always keep you at the top of your mind.

You also need to carefully consider how many sidebars you’re going to choose. Everyone these days as some sidebars will allow for better ad positioning than others. Test different ones and see what works best!

If you can’t find anything you like, browse through other blogs. You’re bound to see something that passions you. When you choose one you can scrolling to the particular bottom to see which theme they are using. The free themes usually have the name present. You can the actual link through to download it yourself and you’re done!

Using free blog themes is a great, instant, way to be sure your blog has a professional design your site visitors will love. Get motivated today!