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This article is as per my understanding and my experience I actually is not claming all the details in this article are 100% true is it only my experience and knowledge sharing. Online Business Directory

Website index is the place where you can find site of your interest easily because generally in website directories all the links of websites are place in its best possible category. 

Some time looking some thing in the search engines we found many results many of them a while not related to what you are seeking at that time directories are incredibly useful to eliminated unwanted results. Reducing unwanted results and find the result you are enthusiastic about some time take much more time. A large number of people prefer search the brings about the website listing than search engines like yahoo.

Form previous few years people are utilizing website directories as a device for building external links for their websites. In this regards also website directories are incredibly useful. This is very easy to get external link for your site by sending your site to website directories. You will discover thousands of directories are there quite a few are free. In my judgment most of directories are not reliable since it is like courtesy page website is free nothing to get started on on that domain just start website directories. Then when they get something to do with that site name directory just get disappear. Some time if they get good money for domain name they just sell it away not having thought about links there in their directories.