What Is the Gas Safe Register?

The Gas Safe Register substituted the CORGI (Council for Registered Gas Installers) gas register in Great The united kingdom on April 1st 2009. Gas Safe Registered

Basically is it doesn’t only standard gas registration body for Great Britain such as Department of Man. It had been designated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) with the purpose to protect families and properties from dangerous gas works. All of the gas engineers that are lawfully able to perform gas work on boilers, ranges, fires and any other gas appliances are on this list. So it can all good! 

In 06\ the HSE decided to review and modernise the scheme to bring added benefits to customers and gas engineers. The primary improvement of the scheme was a clearer give attention to gas safety and simplifying the registration and competences requirements for gas engineers clearly without compromising on the protection and service criteria.

If you have gas works transported out at home it is important it is accomplished properly, safely and officially. Fitted incorrectly or desperately repaired, gas appliances are a serious cause of dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Even poorly maintained kitchen appliances can lead to leakages and even explosions! Thus anyone working on the appliances involving this gasoline in your house has to be on the Gas Safe Register.

You can and should report any bad gas work to the Gas Safe Resister that can be found in Yahoo searching for those words. To find one of these registered engineers you could also check the gas safe register. Various boiler installation, gas companies will have yellow and black logo on their site which is an indication. But it might be worth checking the register out also. Is actually not always easy to spot a dodgy against the law gas fitter compared to a professional Gas Safe authorized engineer. You will know if a plumber happens to your house is registered when he must carry and ID cards that shows the sort of work they are registered to do.

So that’s promoted, pretty serious stuff. Is actually all to do with health and safety and ensuring any gas work is done safely supplying us peace of brain. Never let anyone who isn’t on this save near your home, or your home and family could be at risk from serious gas poisoning explosions and fires!