Where Can I Find Fast Free Proxies to Surf Anonymously?

For anyone in pursuit of safeguarding our privacy on the internet then a search for a fast free proxy server to surf using appears to be some sort of ay grail of privacy. Sadly it isn’t, in reality at it’s worst it could be completely the opposite and the equal of handing over important computer data on a silver plate. I hate being spied on, hackers and identification thieves try and intercept our data to grab from us and government authorities and organisations show where we can surf and what we can say online. Free speech and liberty is not something which should be sacrificed for the majority for a tiny chance to catch a few criminals.¬†free proxy list

Spy on everyone – we’re Bound to Catch somebody¬†

It is however a tactic employed by many on the internet – hackers, spammers and identity thieves put it to use to catch the odd person that they can down out of their money. Governments and agencies make use of it to justify spying issues entire population to capture the occasional pedophile online. If you believe me look for the new Western european Directive which states that every (that’s EVERY) site you visit should be logged and stored for two years from your INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER presumably to be trawled for law breaking activities!

So what about a Fast Free Proxy

Very well I’m afraid there’s a problem here – I actually know of 1000s of free proxies almost all of options easily available mainly because their administrators have misconfigured their servers and are uninformed that many so-called ninja surfers are using it. Then there are the hacked servers which are deliberately became available so that the bad guys can monitor and read all the info being sent via the proxy (lots of passwords and security details). Besides this there are legitimate free proxies but sadly not one of them can ever before be considered fast simply because it costs significant amounts of money to supply a fast proxy and who is going to operate at a huge financial loss just to preserve your personal privacy? I know one very fast free proxy but that is run and financed by some nice men in the old Eastern block who most probably make enough money away of fleecing the documents with their users to pay for the huge bandwidth bills.

Nope jooxie is all adult, if you get something free of charge really generally a poor alternative. All the legitimate free proxies are painfully gradual, similar to the web based – ‘type your URl in here’ also to be genuine many web sites simply don’t work with them. You may not use them for long before the competence of using the web at a snails speed drives you away. Gowns not to say the liberty of speech is not worth this sacrifice – just that there are better alternatives.

In person I pay a tiny payment for a secure protected service where I browse the net anonymously and my communication is protected to US military levels. The software provides myself with as near total anonymous browsing as is possible – I also make use of it on my work PC as it stops all my web traffic being monitored by sites I visit, wireless hot spots I use and so forth It even sits down in the USB keyring so I can make use of it on any PC I actually care to use.

In the event that you want to get the scoop some of my thoughts on using anonymous proxies and how you can search without being spied on, try the link below, from there you can also try out a demo of the very secure, superior secure web browsing product available anywhere.