Which Are The Best Coloured Gemstones To Be Used In Engagement Rings

Let’s break you free from the mainstream idea of choosing the classic diamond for your engagement or wedding band since you have a chance to make those moments unique and more special by choosing a coloured stone. But, before you pick a gemstone on the basis of its aesthetic beauty, it is essential to consider few matters such as the hardness of the gemstone, clarity and appearance and risk of cloudy appearance and so on in order to know whether the gemstone is aptly suited for your engagement or wedding occasion.

Nowadays, a large number of people in Dublin are opting for these coloured gemstones as they have a wide array of options. Varieties such as coloured diamond wedding bands, Dublin sapphire rings, emerald embedded bands etc can make your special occasions more special and leave your beloved person in utter joy and wonder.
Let us take a look at different options available with the coloured stones so that you can pick the most suitable one for you.

1. Colored Diamonds

Diamonds are always alluring and they never fail to impress. Hence, you can stay with the tradition but make a twist by picking a coloured diamond. For engagement and wedding purpose, diamonds always rank higher for their stunning clarity and iridescent appearance. These are a gemstone scoring 10 rating based on hardness. In fact, diamonds can be worn anytime without any special restriction or instruction. When you design your engagement band, you can consider different options of coloured diamonds including sparkling pink, bold canary yellow, eye-catching black, champagne coloured diamonds and much more. The pink coloured diamonds are very expensive and quite impressive as well.

2. Sapphire

Another coloured gemstone to be used in the engagement band is sapphire that represents royalty. In order to get the best example of this gemstone, you can give a close look at Kate Middleton’s engagement ring that originally belonged to Princess Diana. In fact, the world famous celebrities such as Elizabeth Hurley and Penelope Cruz also wear this gemstone rings.

If you are looking for Dublin sapphire rings, but not sure whether blue is your colour, then you have a luck as lots of other glittering shades are also available with sapphire rings. Shades including red, purple, green, and yellow and so on are available with this one of the hardest gemstones. Hence, it is considered as the perfect match for the long-lasting engagement as well as wedding bands. Moreover, these gemstones are not heat sensitive. Therefore, the hardness and durability make them perfect choice for everyday use.  

3. Emerald

It is believed that the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra used to wear emerald stone in her ring. Emeralds are available in different shades ranging from light to dark green along with some aqua tint. Although rare, emeralds can be seen red in colour. Due to its stunning hue, it is a popular choice for the engagement ring. You don’t have to worry about heat as these are not heat sensitive.
Since there is a chance of fractures with this gemstone, you need to be careful while purchasing it. However, the fact is that finding a perfect emerald is very tough since all of these kinds of gemstones virtually have flaws. To get the best result, you are advised to purchase well-cut stone.

4. Ruby

Ruby is a great option to set dazzling statement in the engagement ring. Since it is one of the hardest gemstones, it can be used wonderfully in the engagement and wedding bands. As long as these stones do not have several inclusions or fissures, they can be a flawless choice in the engagement ring. The red coloured ruby is the most popular choice as a durable gemstone and many people wear it as the true colour of love.

5. Aquamarine

Another breathtaking option for the engagement band is the aquamarine because of its dreamy, light blue shade. It can be worn as a good alternative to the traditional diamond band. In fact, you can make it more unique by surrounding by several small diamonds. It belongs to the beryl family and is a relative of emerald.
So, after knowing some of the wonderful coloured gemstones including diamond, sapphire, emerald, aquamarine and ruby, which one you preferred most for your engagement ring?