Your Mission Statement: How to Bring It Alive

“We do chicken right! very well was how Col. Harland Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, described his product to potential customers and reminded his employees with their obligations to produce a quality product. Wrecker Service Tulsa

In today’s terms, it could be known as mission statement. While it would not include the overly used conditions we hear so often now of “world class”, “premiere”, and other superlatives that contain become meaningless, it was clear what it supposed to him, his employees, and the millions of customers served. 

“Good for Col. Sanders” you think, “but how does that help me with my small company? I want a mission statement that will mean something to my organization as it increases. I don’t want to put up some worthless phrase that sounds good but means nothing! Just how do i bring it alive? inches

That’s what we will go into here – how to bring a mission statement alive so it has meaning to the clients also to the queue staff who do almost all of the work in any organization. To create our case, and build after “We do chicken right”, let’s go back to the time of Encolure. Sanders before there was clearly FedEx, UPS, DHL, and the kind.

We will presume we are the pioneers of a tiny package delivery business that (we hope) will build a reputation on reliable, on-time delivery anywhere in the ls United States. We are not claiming overnight service (remember, this is back again in the 1950s) but it will make it happen by the time we assure or we reduce the charge by 50%.

Following much deliberation and idea, we develop our quest statement: “Any state, never late, or half the rate. ”

Here is how the different segments of our fictional company (in no particular order) can use the mission affirmation to develop a strategy for their portion of the corporation and identify the a plan elements necessary to carry it alive.

Marketing – Just before we can develop a marketing plan, we will have to work carefully with businesses to learn where our market actually is. Will they have the capacity to hide every condition in the union (Alaska and Hawaii did not join until 1959) when we get started or could it be limited to a geographical region at first? If we will be limited, we must make sure we define that in the marketing so do not create unintended bad relations with the public. Also, will we cover only business customers or the general open public, too? Are there size and content limits on what we will bring? How do we instruct the purchasers on that? Just how will we determine a pricing structure? Will we offer any discounts? What is going to our logo look like? How about our ad plan?

Operations/Fleet – What kind of vehicles will we need to meet that mission statement? How many? What about maintenance required to keep enough across the internet so we do not have to provide 50% cutbacks in fees (“Never past due or half the rate”). Our number of service suppliers must be driven by the mission statement so we focus not on price but on those who can keep our fleet on the street. The type of wrecker service/towing relationships do we need to establish in the event a vehicle has an car accident or a breakdown? Just how will we connect with our drivers?

Operations/Scheduling – How will we build a schedule structure so we have a fair chance to get the bundle to the destination at the quoted price, promptly, so we do not have to refund fifty percent the fees? How will we design our travel system: use a ‘hub’ concept or perhaps give attention to major cities? How will we have it delivered once we be able to the major cities? Will we do it or are we looking for affiliates?

Operations/Affiliates – How do we select affiliated carriers we can work with during our market so do not have to copy their existing services but instead capitalize on them? How do we determine which ones we want to work with that will support our objective statement? What portion of the penalty do they absorb if they happen to be late? Just how will we track the packages? How will we prove we got it to the destination on time and ‘never late’?

Purchasing/Accounting – How do we streamline our purchasing process so that distributors for services and items get paid fast enough that they do not withhold goods and services? The type of purchasing contact can we establish to get priorities in the essential materials necessary to meet our deadlines for delivery? Will we need any special relationships with banks to be sure our cash flows easily?